10. May 1913

The company FERDINAND FREESE is founded on the 10th May, 1913 by the entrepreneurs Ferdinand Freese and Ernst Johann Hinrich Schümann. On that day, the firm is entered into the trade register of Hamburg under the number HR A 17.892 he enterprise is established with the purpose of exporting German products to Brazil and Argentina.

FERDINAND FREESE becomes an important supplier of machines and tools as well as malt and hops to the biggest breweries of south Brazil Brahma and Adriatica at that time.

First World War

The First World War interrupts the business relations abruptly. On the 9th July, 1916 Ferdinand Freese falls near Verdun in France. Ernst Schümann gets into British captivity on the 25th September, 1916 in the Picardie, from which he is released on the 4th November, 1919.

1. December 1919

Following the death of Ferdinand Freese, Ernst Schümann takes over the company on the 1st December, 1919 as the sole proprietor.

Second World War

On the 1st September, 1939, the Second World War breaks out. The activities of the flourishing enterprise are once again interrupted. In 1936, Ferdinand Schümann, the oldest son of Ernst Schümann, assumes management responsibility for the branch office in southern Brazil. Ernst Schümann dies on the 22nd June, 1944 in Hamburg.

After the death of his father Ernst Werner Theodor Schümann is entrusted by the heirs with the reconstruction of the company which he overtakes later on as the only shareholder.


The end of the war marks a new start for the company. During the English occupation, Werner Schümann already succeeds in reviving the export trade business. New markets such as Portugal, Belgian Congo, later on, also the Portuguese overseas colonies in Africa, are opened.


In 1985, Christian Schümann, the youngest son of Werner Schümann, joins the company as a managing partner after graduating with a degree in business administration.

31. December 2012

In the end of December 2012, Werner Schümann transfers his shares to his son Christian Schümann.

1. January 2014

With the close of the fiscal year 2013, Werner Schümann retires and leaves the managing team of the company after a multifaceted and accomplished work life. On the 1st January, 2014, the entrepreneur Nelson de Macedo joins the corporation as a partner. He is appointed Managing Director of the holding company and becomes a shareholder.
Collectively, the two current shareholders structure the future of the company and prepare it for the challenges of the coming decades with a view to ensure a dynamic development.

The present time

Managing Director Nelson de Macedo has made it his mission to lead the company into the next era. In this way, FERDINAND FREESE’s customers should continue to benefit from global development. To achieve this, he and his team rely on a combination of tradition and innovation.

The focus of the current activities is on the supply of plants and spare parts in the fields of power generation, cooling technology, mining, oil and gas, shipbuilding and in the construction sector. In the more than 100 years since the company was founded, extensive know-how has been acquired, with which FERDINAND FREESE is available to its customers as a reliable partner.